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Who we are? We registered our project officially at Sourceforge in 2004. Currently, we have less than 10 members, and we're all living in Hungary. Our goals Our goal with this project is to translate as many of Sourceforge's projects as we can. By now, we're finished with or working on more than 10 localised programs, like Audacity, TortoiseCVS, SciTE and so on.
We know, that Hungary is a quite small country, but it's language is very unique. It's grammar differs from many known languages (like English or German). And in Hungary, the foreign-language education is not the best, so many hungarian computer-user understands only about 20% of the common computer messages.
So, we decided to help these hungarian users with our work. Where's your part? You, as a SF project developer, can help so much by build you application with I18N support.
If you did this before, but the currently supported languages of your project does not include hungarian, please feel free to contact us regarding any possible co-production.
How to contact us? Write an email to this address:
documan.project AT gmail DOT com